The Lord Bangkok Massage

The Lord Bangkok Massage
The Lord Massage Bangkok is upscale and you should have no less than 6000 baht ready to blow before entering. 10,000 baht if you want to really splurge to the max. It is viewed by some as be pretentious and over the top, but if you want to splurge on your massage experience, then the Lord Massage Bangkok can be a great option. I recommend going here with a couple others or a group of people and making an extended evening out of it. Go there around 5 p.m. and get some food, relax and have some drinks, choose your girl and enjoy the ambience and hospitality that the Lord Massage Bangkok has to offer. You might as well get your money’s worth so plan on staying for a while and enjoying the atmosphere.

What makes The Lord Massage Bangkok stand out among other upscale massage parlors in Bangkok is that the Lord Massage Bangkok is truly a classy gentlemen’s club + fancy spa/sauna + complete massage joint all combined into one impressive complex. It’s very luxurious inside and you can tell they spent a lot of money on the Lord Massage Bangkok. You can sing karaoke here, watch sports, and enjoy other leisure activities that you won’t find at all soapy massage joints and bathhouses in Bangkok.

The website is really crappy and hard to navigate. You have to register for access to certain parts of the site. I tried to do this and it was a pain in the butt and wouldn’t accept my information. With that said, I think your best option is to go check this place out beforehand and plan your evening with a few buddies, maybe even arrange things a day or two in advance for superior service. If you don’t feel like doing that then just give them a call to set everything up. However, I don’t recommend just walking in to The Lord Massage Bangkok and it makes a lot more sense to pre-book and set up everything in advance due to the unique nature of this place. It’s not the cheapest option, but the establishment itself at the Lord Massage Bangkok is really all inclusive and creates the opportunity for a truly unforgettable evening.

Below you will find the location and phone number:
The Lord Palace Hotel & Spa
Soi Ratchada 7, Near The Emerald Hotel,
Ratchadapisek Road,
Huaykwang, Bangkok
Tel : 0-2248-8888
There is also a map on the contact page of their website: