Nataree Massage Bangkok

Nataree Massage Bangkok
Nataree Massage Bangkok is hands down the BEST soapy massage parlor in Bangkok, but not necessarily for the soapy side of things. I say this because of the sheer number of girls in Nataree Massage Bangkok, and because of the friendliness of the papasans and their willingness to help you choose a girl that fits your needs without being pushy. Nataree Massage Bangkok is truly a gem and many people say it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to soapies in Bangkok. It’s located on Ratchdaphisek Road near the Huay Khwang subway station. There are two massage venues, but choose the one on the right when facing them if you want a soapy. The rooms are well equipped with a bathtub big enough for two, a sofa, and a big comfortable bed.

There are only about 6 or 7 girls in the fishbowl and they cost around 2000, but the sideliners will run you about 2000-2500. The best thing about this place is there HUGE selection of sideline girls. There must be 60+++ sideline girls to choose from! Talk to the papasan if you have any special requests, like a girl who speaks English or if you want a girl that gives you two shots for for example. There are two papasans and they are surprisingly helpful and friendly; they are open and willing to assist you at Nataree Massage Bangkok.

The ambience of Nataree Massage Bangkok is really nice as well. When you walk in you will most likely be welcomed by one of the papasans. Order a drink and take a stroll around the room and check out the girls. They’ll be sitting along the wall on all sides of the room, and in the middle there are tables for you to sit and order food and drinks. You can walk around and check out the girls and you can still see them while you’re sitting down at a table as well.

The only real downside to Nataree Massage Bangkok is the very few soapy massage girls they have. If you do not want to get a soapy at Nataree Massage Bangkok then it does not really matter and I guess it would not be a downside for you, but if you want a soapy specifically then Nataree may not be your best option. Do keep in mind however that the sideline girls will still take a bath with you and shower with you and what not, but they just do not do the soapy for some reason. I guess only some girls are trained to do this. I don’t really understand why they don’t all do it because the soapy part only lasts like ten minutes and it’s a huge draw for them sales wise.

Contact information:
167/17-20, Ratchadaphisek Road
Nearest public transport, Huay Khwang MRT
Phone 026929144
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