Erotic Massage Bangkok

If you’re looking for an erotic, sensuous massage, that is begins as a professional Thai massage and includes massaging your prostate, balls, and penis, then erotic massage Bangkok may be what you are looking for. The difference between an erotic massage in Bangkok vs. other types of dirty massage services is that erotic massages tend to be more professional and therapeutic, but you still get the happy ending. They touch you slowly and softly in a sensual way, use aromatherapy and other techniques to make you very relaxed. Many massage places have “masseuses” that aren’t trained and don’t really give you a proper massage. They just give you an illegitimate massage which quickly leads to a hand job, blow job, or sex. With the right erotic massage service, this won’t happen to you. If you are more serious about massage and want the therapeutic benefits, as well as the release of sexual tension, then erotic massage in Bangkok is going to be a great option for you.

The best place I recommend for an erotic massage in Bangkok is Analisa Massage. The website is On the site you’ll find a bunch of legitimate testimonials from other customers and all the services they offer. It’s really unbelievable what they provide at this place. Whatever your erotic massage fantasy is, you name it, they’ve got you covered.

ALternatively, you may prefer an outcall erotic massage, and then we’d highly recommend using Smooci is Bangkok’s best outcall service for erotic massage and all kinds of adult and kinky services. Their live search engine allows you to see 100’s of companion online in your area, with exclusive prices and customer ratings so you can quickly select the best girl for you.

A popular choice for an erotic massage in Bangkok is the prostate massage, which is considered to be healthy for your prostate gland so not only are you having a good time but you’re improving your health. Your prostate is responsible for healthy ejaculation, so stimulating this in the right way could release tension in the prostate and improve your sex life. The masseuse can be stimulated through your rectum or through the perineum. Many people will reach orgasm just from the prostate stimulation. This can also be done along with sex toys if you want.

Kinky massage is another option for an erotic massage in Bangkok. Kinky massage can include fantasy, role-play, or sexual fetish massages. For these massages it’s best that you book in advance so they can prepare the service for you and select an appropriate girl. Analisa Massage offer a particularly kinky massage service titled “kidnapping from the airport” and massage begins in the car as soon as you’re picked up from the terminal. Just have a look at the website and see for yourself. The options at this place are endless. You can even get an erotic massage in Bangkok for 15 hours straight! But it will cost you 20,000 baht at Analisa Massage. Make sure you check out the girls on their website first to see if you are attracted to them, but honestly it doesn’t really matter too much if you are just getting a prostate, balls, or kinky massage that doesn’t involve sex. I don’t think looks matter as much for an erotic massage.