Emanuelle Massage Bangkok

Emanuelle Massage Bangkok
Emmanuelle Massage Bangkok is really clean and nice looking inside. The girls are sitting on sofas and it’s well lit so easy to check them out. There is no fish bowl. There is a set up for live music as well. The massage rooms at Emanuelle Massage Bangkok are also clean and there is lots of space to move around. They really take care of this place and it’s in better condition than other parlors of the same caliber. Emanuelle massage Bangkok is mostly visited by Thais and Japanese customers who come for the Nuru oil massage. Nuru oil massage includes a slippery black balm that the girl does body to body massage with.

The papasan at Emanuelle Massage Bangkok is not pushy and his English is decent. The girls are also pretty laid back and don’t seem to be overly eager or putting on a show. This could be more of the Thai/Japanese style of business. It’s good to be aware that there will be few westerners here and you may be the only one, but this is not a disadvantage because you may have different tastes than the Thai/Japanese men so what you consider attractive could be the most affordable option, i.e. dark skinned girl.

Some girls have a Nuru patch attached to them to show that they can perform this special service. A 3xx number will be around 2000 baht for 90 minutes, but be aware that there is a 600 baht westerner fee on top of this. This could be due to the fact that it caters to Asian men primarily. For some people this can be a turn off, but like I said before they probably know you are going to select a more affordable girl naturally so this is their way of counteracting your decision. This is my theory anyway.

The first thing that happens here at Emanuelle Massage Bangkok is the girl undresses you and puts your things in a safe place. They take their time and are very hospitable, making sure you are comfortable and relaxed. There will be a light massage on the bed and maybe some teasing before you go to the tub. In the tub you will most likely get some action, especially if she likes you. Not all girls will give a BJ in the tub though so don’t be let down if it doesn’t happen. Sometimes they will only do a BJ with a condom. Once you are back on the bed, you have sex with her, and then finish at the end with another light massage. They take you back to the tub again for another concluding wash. The service at Emanuelle Massage Bangkok has a nice progression and the integrity here is unlike other places.

It can be found on Rachada Road. It’s near the Emerald Hotel and the MRT Huay Khwang. You can’t miss the big neon signs for “Emanuelle Massage Bangkok”. It’s the same ones from the picture above.