Amsterdam Massage Bangkok

Amsterdam Massage Bangkok
Amsterdam Massage Bangkok is classy and not as in your face as other soapies and its facilities are great. The classic European style architecture of the building itself is really nice, and once inside you’ll be sitting in a relaxing courtyard with live music. It’s pretty fancy actually. It’s 2500-6000 depending on the girl you choose. Some girls here are lounging on couches which is cool because it creates a more intimate setting where you can get up close and personal and tones down the sleaze factor. It’s on Asok Road right next to MRT subway station called Phra Ram 9. You can’t miss it. It’s on the corner with a neon sign shaped like a windmill. A lot of the girls at Amsterdam Massage Bangkok are taller with fair skin because the place seems to cater to wealthy Thais, so the girls are a bit more expensive. I suggest going here around 6 p.m. and taking your time. Have some food at the restaurant and enjoy some live music in the lounge while you choose. Amsterdam Massage Bangkok is opposite the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel if you manage and/or decide to invite a sideline girl to your room for extra or special services. Guests are allowed. This can be nice if you want to extend the action for an evening or try out different girls in your own room.

Even though the minimum at Amsterdam Massage Bangkok is floating around 2500, most girls are going to cost on average around 4000 baht at Amsterdam Massage Bangkok, and even though soapies are offered, Amsterdam Massage Bangkok is more of a bathhouse than a soapie massage parlor exclusively. With that said, the girls will treat you very well here and you may get some extra pampering that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. The papasan isn’t very helpful and is quite stand offish. I think this is due to what I mentioned before about Amsterdam Massage Bangkok catering to wealthier Thai customers, so that clientele prefer to be left alone and make their decision without any interference. The papasan doesn’t speak English very well either, at least in my experience.

The girls are all sitting at the far end of the room when you walk in, on something like stadium seating. Once you select a girl, the counter is right in front of where the live band is playing so you’ll walk over there and pay. Amsterdam Massage Bangkok is “hi-so” so I don’t recommend going here often if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

Contact information:
333 Asok Rd., Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
0-2642-0801 — 9
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